Gather insights

AlphaRainbow structures the marketing process in 4 logical steps:

  1. Gather insights
  2. Determine destination
  3. Take action
  4. Monitor progress.

Market research is the most important way of gathering insights. AlphaRainbow offers various market research products. If you don’t know where you are coming from then you can’t map out where you are going. We are happy help you with this.

Why is market research important?

Many companies and institutions lack knowledge of their potential customers, their competitors and the markets they operate in. This can keep them from developing the most efficient and effective activities to reach their goals. By gaining insight into your customer’s needs, you will be able to develop and market products and services that that attract the interest of your target audience.

By gathering insights you can save a lot of time, money and energy and achieve better results.

How does AlphaRainbow do market research?

AlphaRainbow carries out market research that can be implemented directly. We do this in a pragmatic, deliberate and efficient way. Together with the customer, we select the research method that will best answer the questions they have. We are highly result-oriented and critical – we continuously ask ourselves whether the results will contribute to solving the customers’ problem.

Our research methods contribute directly to plans to improve and generate more results. We carry out market research for various clients in diverse branches. Some examples are Tefal, Sappi, Dunlop, SportLife, Greif and Wijzonol verf.

Products used to Gather insights
Customer satisfaction research
Employee satisfaction research
Focus groups