Take Action

AlphaRainbow structures the marketing process in 4 logical steps:

  1. Gather insights
  2. Determine destination
  3. Take action
  4. Monitor progress.

Only after you have gathered insights and determined your destination are you ready to develop the right activities. Not before!

Why is it important to make a calendar?

Many companies randomly develop lots of activities, and implement them haphazardly and without clear and punctual communication. The result for these companies is that they are in a constant scramble to get things done and often fail to get the right people on board in time to achieve maximum impact. The cost of this approach, in terms of time, money and motivation, is high.

Plan the work, work the plan

AlphaRainbow can help you set up, communicate and execute a marketing or activity calendar. We will help you develop activities that will achieve the desired goals as effectively and efficiently as as possible, always making sure that every activity is aligned with a specific goal, and that only the most effective activities are selected for implementation.

Products to Take action
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