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PPG Industries is the largest coatings company in the world. PPG Architectural Coatings EMEA sells decorative, wood care- and specialty coatings. PPG sells to professional painters through a network of its own service centers and independent wholesalers across Europe and to consumers through DIY supermarkets (Gamma, Praxis) and service channels.

Since 2020, customer satisfaction surveys have been a permanent part of PPG’s agenda. One of PPG’s core values is customer commitment. “The customer is central to us. It is therefore important to gain insight into the needs of the customer, in order to get (even) closer to the customer.” says Petra Bijma, Business & Customer Insight Manager at PPG. The annual NPS survey is therefore an important tool to gain insight into these customer needs and to take action to improve.


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“Understanding customer needs and the key drivers of customer satisfaction are the first step in building conscious customer relationships that will result in future customer loyalty and spontaneous recommendations of our products. We are living in times of an experience economy and brands that are aware of the importance of this are winning. Together with AlphaRainbow we want to develop the importance of ‘The Voice of the Customer’ at PPG and build a customer-oriented culture. Facilitating the development and implementation of appropriate measures for our customers is important here.” adds Justyna Gudowska – Pohling, Marketing Insight Manager at PPG for EMEA region.

Using AlphaRainbow’s online survey tool, a digital questionnaire was sent in 18 different languages to more than 132,000 contacts in 18 countries across Europe and China. To obtain the right insights, specific questionnaires have been drawn up for the various sales channels. All PPG account managers have access to the online survey tool and can view the incoming results in real-time. This makes it possible to contact the respondent directly to discuss his or her answers, this closes the “loop” back to the customer.

“The dashboard, in which all results are visible, is very user-friendly. AlphaRainbow speaks the ‘language of the customer’ and knows exactly what is needed to successfully implement a customer satisfaction survey in an organization”.

The data from the customer satisfaction survey was then analyzed using statistical analysis. This determines what the main drivers are. These are the aspects that contribute the most to satisfaction and therefore deserve the most attention. The results have been reported on overall, regional and country level and processed into a PowerBI dashboard. With the help of this interactive dashboard, it is possible for PPG to make additional and deeper analyzes by using filters. Petra Bijma indicates that the research provides insight into the results of the most important KPIs and offers concrete action points to improve them.

Britt Kant – Project Manager AlphaRainbow:

Compared to last year, PPG has achieved a higher NPS score and an increase in the response rate. Through the involvement of the organization and the focus on ’the voice of the customer’, PPG shows that the opinion of every customer counts and is converted into tangible actions.


Britt Kant

Project manager

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