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Visitor experience is high on the agenda at Burgers’ Zoo. With more than a million visitors a year, measuring visitor satisfaction is indispensable to create the optimal experience. Everyday Burgers’ Zoo is looking at how to offer their visitors an even better day. A day in which Burgers’ Zoo wants to give its visitors something: a bit of wonder and appreciation for mother earth.

Since 2016, visitor satisfaction has been actively and continuously measured with the AlphaRainbow online survey tool. “I think we are one of AlphaRainbow’s first Customer Satisfaction Tracking customers. Their personal approach, professional attitude and nice team ensure a pleasant cooperation” says Marketing Manager Tim Lammers.

“Standing still is going backwards, so we are always looking on how we can further enrich the experience. The visitor satisfaction survey provides us with a useful tool to determine whether we are on the right track. In addition, it offers clear insights and we can therefore measure the effect of the adjustments in the park.” A short, targeted and, above all, user-friendly survey ensures a high response. The results are stored real time in the online tool.

To measure satisfaction, the NPS method is used in combination with open questions and additional statements that deal with the value aspects of Burgers’ Zoo. Think of statements such as: the friendliness of the staff, the quality of the restaurants and the visibility of the animals. The results are processed monthly and shared in the form of a One Pager: a summary of the results on one page. On this One Pager you can directly compare the results with previous months. In addition, Burgers’ Zoo annually receives a report with the results of the past year in which, by means of an analysis, it is determined which statements have the most impact on visitor satisfaction and are therefore the most important for improvement activities. Concrete recommendations are made on basis of these analysis, via this way Burgers’ Zoo knows which points to focus on.

“We share the results with all employees at quarterly meetings, and more frequently with the management team. In the Zoo many things have been adjusted that we knew from a gut feeling, but where the results from the visitor satisfaction survey just gave the final push towards the actual implementation.”

Within Burgers’ Zoo both the satisfaction of the park visitors and the satisfaction of the business market visitors are measured. By using a tablet, visitors on location can quickly and easily give their opinion. The covid crisis called for a new approach in which it was decided to measure visitor satisfaction using QR-codes; just as easy, but now visitors can complete the questionnaire from their own mobile phone.

Britt Kant – Project Manager at AlphaRainbow: Due to the high involvement of Burgers’ Zoo in measuring and improving visitor satisfaction, you see that the NPS score improves every year. Burgers’ Zoo knows how to optimally translate the results and recommendations into new plans in order to offer its visitors an even better day.


Britt Kant

Project manager

Wij zijn trots op de resultaten:


Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) from +44 to +53


29.858 respondents in 4 years time


Number of Promoters increased from 55% to 61%

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