Strategic marketing advice

Give direction to your activities for the coming years

AlphaRainbow would be delighted to help you draw up a strategic marketing plan. We do so by completing a single A3 worksheet: the One Page Strategic Plan. It bundles 7 elements that jointly form the strategic marketing policy. The norms and values, mission, vision, BHAG, brand promise, target group and marketing objectives.

What is a strategic marketing plan?

When drawing up a strategic marketing plan, you are laying foundations. In turn, these give direction to the activities for the coming years. In doing so, it is important that you learn from the past and keep looking to the future: where do you want your company to go? Success and corporate growth can only be achieved if there is cooperation throughout the company. We therefore ensure that everyone in the company, from CEO to employees, is engaged in the strategy determination process.

‘Drawing up and adhering to the strategic marketing plan increases opportunities for growth.’

Elements of the One Page
Strategic Plan

Ervaren interviewers

AlphaRainbow biedt ervaren interviewers. Door het gebruik van de juiste technieken kan meer informatie worden verkregen.

Norms and values

What are the central values within your company and what are the related norms?


What do you stand for as a company? Why do you do what you do?


Your view of the world. Where is your company heading?


Your goal: where do you want to be in 10-25 years?

Professionele ruimtes

De ruimtes waar de interviews worden gehouden zijn professioneel en beschikken over moderne technologie. Daarnaast kunnen interviews op locatie van de respondent worden afgenomen.

Brand promise

What does your company want to contribute to the world?

Target group

The customer groups on which your company focuses.

Marketing objectives

The goals for the coming year.

AlphaRainbow not only provides you with strategic marketing advice, but also offers support for implementation throughout the organisation. We have supported a number of companies in drawing up their strategic marketing plan. Examples include Miele, Tri-Sure, BM van Houwelingen and Burgers’ Zoo.


Download the One Page Strategic Plan worksheet here.

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