Strategic marketing advice

One Page Strategic Plan
What is strategic marketing advice?

Strategic marketing advice provides a business with a solid foundation; it gives you direction. With a strategic marketing plan in place, you will learn from your past and anticipate the future. This will equip you to make the right decisions here and now.

It is important to establish a proper foundation for your business. It is also vital to have a clear view of where you want your business to go in the coming years.

If your company simply repeats today what it did yesterday, you will struggle to achieve real growth. Working together as a team towards clear goals is the pathway to success. AlphaRainbow can help you get started by drawing up a plan on a single A3-sized sheet of paper.

Elements of strategic marketing advice

A strategic marketing policy consists of 7 elements brought together in a single overview.

  1. Norms and values
    These are the beliefs and convictions that as a company you will never compromise on. They are foundational to your business.
  2. Vision
    Describe what your view is of the industry you work in, now and for the future.
  3. Mission
    Your mission statement expresses what drives your company: why do you do what you do?
  4. Ambition or BHAG® (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
    Where do you want your company to be in 20-30 years? The sky is the limit!
  5. Brand Promise
    Your brand promise follows from your positioning statement. In the brand promise you express your promise to the customer in words as well as in figures.
  6. Sandbox
    In the sandbox you will describe your target group and estimate its size.
  7. Marketing goals & objectives
    Where you want to go as a business in the short-term.


We have a lot of experience, having developed marketing policy for companies such as CAP’EM, Tri-Sure®, Miele.


Complete clarity – on a a single A3 worksheet.


Involved. The entire business, from top to bottom, will be involved in determining the strategy.


A solid foundation, with some elements only having to be established once.

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