Brand positioning advice

What is brand positioning advice?

The way in which a company (distinctively) presents itself to the outside world. A distinction can be made between brand positioning and product positioning.

In our view, your positioning should serve as a compass, guiding and directing all marketing and business activities. It should also help you determine which activities to skip. ‘Positioning drives Strategy‘ – Your business strategy is determined by the position you choose.

How do you develop a brand position

From customer insights to attractive positioning. Our method, Factual Focus™, is a rigorous approach that identifies the most important drivers for success and converts them into an attractive and distinct positioning.

We use the positioning platform to develop our positioning advice for your company. This positioning platform consists of four quadrants:

The first quadrant represents the brand/business/service. We will fill this in using the 23plusone method, a scientific method designed to bring to light what employees, customers and other stakeholders think about the brand/business/service.

The second quadrant represents the character of the product/brand/service. It consists of words that best describe the product/business/service.

The third quadrant is the statement. In your statement, you describe your target group and the problem they face, the market you operate in, what distinguishes you from your competitors, the evidence for your distinctiveness, and your promise to customers.

The fourth quadrant represents the story of your product/business/service.



We have a lot of experience, having helped clients such as Greif, Burgers’ Zoo, Fenix and Bij de hand to develop their positioning.


Clear. A simple overview of your business/brand’s positioning strategy.


Involved. All employees can be involved in the (re)positioning process.


Methodology. We use a scientific, engaging method.

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