Marketing Calendar

What is a marketing calendar?

A marketing calendar helps you make sure all your marketing activities are planned and executed in a structured way. It will help you move from haphazard marketing towards a process-based approach. Your business results will improve and you will succeed as a market-driven enterprise.

How AlphaRainbow can help you set up a marketing calendar

The Step ‘Determine Destination’ is all about setting clear marketing targets in the form of Objectives & Goals. Objectives are what you want to achieve (more turnover, brand recognition etc.) and Goals are turn the Objectives expressed in concrete figures (30% increase in turnover, 10% increase in brand recognition, etc.). In order tpo help you achieve these Objectives & Goals, we will help you draw up your Strategies & Measures. Strategies are the way you want to achieve your marketing objectives (more sales -> more online advertising) and Measures, once again, express this in figures (online advertising campaigns 4 times a year). This is the first part of the Marketing Calendar. The second part is placed behind Strategies & Measures. Here, you indicate in weeks when certain activities are to be performed. You can also specify here who is responsible for a particular activity and how much budget is available.



The calendar gives a clear overview on an A3 sheet.


Concrete indicators that show whether there is progress in your marketing process.


Every individual across the entire organization knows exactly what is expected of him/her and when.


More results as a market-driven business.

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