Employee satisfaction research

Why is measuring and improving important?

Motivated employees greatly influence an organization’s performance. They often go the extra mile, which benefits customers! An employee satisfaction survey will tell you whether your employees are satisfied with you as an employer, and whether or not they would recommend you to friends and family. We believe that organizations that listen to their employees are more successful than companies that do not. Their employees will experience more job satisfaction and perform better. The benefits for the company are a greater innovative drive and stronger customer orientation.

How is it done?

AlphaRainbow collects employee feedback through a proven question structure; Net Promoter Score with motivation, statements and the one-thing-to-change question. This is presented in real-time, on an online portal and dashboard. In addition, it is possible to use Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) to identify the underlying drivers of employee experience. Drivers that have a big impact on employee experience are used to improve employee satisfaction.



Understand the drivers behind employee satisfaction.


Identify what does or doesn’t contribute to an increase in employee satisfaction.


Proven methods. We use proven methods to determine the drivers.


A clear overview of all results on simple dashboards.

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