Desk research

What is desk research?

Desk research is a form of research done from behind a desk. Information available in both online and offline sources is sought out. Desk research can cover areas such as competitive analysis, market surveys and external analyses. The better you understand competitors’ behaviour or external trends, the better you will be able to respond. You will be equipped to make the most of opportunities, avoid threats and experience more success as a market-driven business.

How is it done?

We can search quickly and effectively for relevant information on, for example, your competitor(s), sector, region or product.

Together with you we will define the research question and the scope of the investigation. We will then propose a plan of action. After approval, we will set to work immediately. The relevant information is collected, interpreted and reported. The outcomes of our research will be presented in a final report.



Perfect alignment between what you want and what you end up getting.


Depending on the scope of the project, desk research can be done within a week.


In the report Alpha Rainbow provides clear recommendations tailored to your segment.


Our recommendations are easy to convert into immediate action.

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