What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a system in which different factors within an organization are measured. A dashboard can be set up online, but it can also easily be done on paper or on a whiteboard. Measuring different factors shows progress and offers you a means of adjusting the marketing process.

A dashboard enables companies to measure their marketing activities. This gives a company much more control over their marketing. It ensures that the right activities are carried out at the right time. It also ensures that companies can make adjustments if needed.

What does the dashboard look like?

A dashboard is a summary of the leading and lagging indicators. The leading indicators are the actions you carry out and the lagging indicators are the results thus achieved. An example of a leading indicator is the number of Facebook posts that you place each week. The lagging indicator is the number of likes, comments and shares this post gets. It is important to establish these indicators on a dashboard. Alpha Rainbow does this by using a one-page plan. Using just one A3 sheet, we can help you keep track of actions you’ve carried out and the results they yield.



Experience. Through experience we have a lot of specific knowledge about what issues are important to measure.


A tailored dashboard that varies from industry to industry and from company to company.


It makes for easy decision-making and holds people accountable for their tasks.


A dashboard will give you firm control and promote a healthy sense of confidence within your organization.

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