Measuring and improving customer satisfaction.
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We help you with the entire process of surveying customer satisfaction. From drawing up the survey, cleaning up the database, data collection and data analysis to translating it all into effective next steps. Using statistical analyses, we determine the motives behind the Net Promoter Score (NPS®). The focus is on the activities that have the most impact on customer satisfaction.


We can quickly start with data collection


The responses can be viewed in real time with our online tool


We use the newest statistical analysis to measure the impact on customer satisfaction.


Our recommendations are practical and specific

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How do we execute the customer satisfaction research?
Question structure

Our team gathers the feedback from your customers using a proven question structure. We draw up the input for the questionnaire together with you.

Data collection

We then use our email software to send the surveys to your customers, under your name. Another option is for us to conduct a customer satisfaction survey in real time on location. We have an automated mobile stand and tablets for this purpose. The tablet is connected live to the questionnaire and asks passers-by to complete it. Other alternatives include sharing the questionnaire via SMS or web link.


The customer satisfaction research can be split into 3 phases: the preparation, the sending, and the analysis.

Dashboard & Analysis

Responses are displayed real-time in an online portal and dashboard. Through Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) we can then calculate the aspects/drivers that determine the customer experience. Or the low- or no-impact aspects. We will use the drivers with a high impact on customer experience to improve your company results in a targeted and continuous manner. Meanwhile, you can save on costs by cancelling activities that have no effect, and develop high-impact activities based on the insights you’ve gained from customers.

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