Positioning advice

Determining the correct positioning

AlphaRainbow helps you determine your company’s positioning and summarises it on a single worksheet: the positioning platform.
It comprises four elements:

The representation

The character

The statement

The story

What is positioning?

Positioning is the manner in which a company presents itself to the outside world. So it is the position you wish to take in your target group’s minds. It is important that the positioning is relevant to the target group and is distinctive versus your competitors.

‘We bring positioning back to the basics.’

Positioning drives Strategy

By determining your positioning, you can increase your visibility in the market and emphasize your distinctive strengths. A distinction is made between positioning of a brand or a product. We believe that positioning should serve as a compass to give clear direction to all marketing and commercial activities. It also defines the activities and communications to be avoided as a company. ‘Positioning drives Strategy’, the corporate strategy is determined by the chosen position.

Support upon implementation

AlphaRainbow not only establishes a positioning together with you, we also offer support in its implementation throughout the organisation. We have supported a number of companies in defining their positioning. Examples include Miele, Burgers’ Zoo, BM van Houwelingen and Greif.
Could you use some help establishing your company’s positioning? Then please contact us.

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