Marketing calendar

Focus in everything we undertake…

We strongly believe that activities must be planned and executed in a structured manner. We help our customers to do so using a marketing calendar, which we compile in consultation with you. Based on the strategic goals you have defined for the coming period, the marketing calendar provides insight into appropriate activities. This is one of the ways in which we create focus.

Our approach

At AlphaRainbow, we link a marketing calendar to an iOGSM, to ensure that you cannot lose sight of your goals. An iOGSM is a tool used to translate insights into goals and strategies. You then determine when the strategies are to be implemented. This can be shown very clearly in a marketing calendar. iOGSM stands for:











Identify what you already know about your market, striking trends, etc. Methods used to gain insight include customer satisfaction surveys, desk research, interviews and focus groups.

Once you have insights, you can formulate the right objectives.

Determine the timing for achieving your objectives by linking a date.

Define activities for each goal that ensure that you will achieve the goal.

Determine the timing for executing the activities and record this in a marketing calendar.

‘The right marketing calendar introduces structure to the work and creates an overview for all involved.’

Our tips for an effective marketing calendar:

  • Make sure you know your market inside out, and keep up to date on the latest trends

  • Define realistic objectives and make them measurable

  • Ensure that each objective is linked to an activity with an appropriate deadline

  • Be realistic and critical, and define objectives and rewards

  • Monitor your planning closely, but allow for some leeway and flexibility

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