Interviews to provide insight into the needs of the target group

An interview is a qualitative research method and is conducted individually. This provides an in-depth picture of the individual views and opinions of the respondents. When conducting an interview, it is essential to gather as much information as possible. AlphaRainbow therefore makes use of special interview techniques.

AlphaRainbow helps you conduct interviews in order to gather useful information

We do so using:

Ervaren interviewers

AlphaRainbow biedt ervaren interviewers. Door het gebruik van de juiste technieken kan meer informatie worden verkregen.

Experienced interviewers

AlphaRainbow provides experienced interviewers. Applying the right techniques will result in more information being gathered.

Professional dialogue guide

A detailed list of talking points is compiled prior to the interviews. This will serve as a guide, but there is room to deviate from this, so respondents can provide more information.

The right respondents

In close consultation with you, we will find the right respondents for the interviews.

Professionele ruimtes

De ruimtes waar de interviews worden gehouden zijn professioneel en beschikken over moderne technologie. Daarnaast kunnen interviews op locatie van de respondent worden afgenomen.

Professional facilities

The facilities for the interviews are professional and equipped with all modern technology. Alternatively, interviews can be conducted at the respondent’s location.

Recording equipment

Recording equipment is used during the interviews, in order to analyse the results at a later date.

Analyses and reports

Upon completion of the interviews, we analyse the results and draw up a report. The priority here is that the results are concrete.

‘Purposely create moments of silence in order to gather

in-depth information.’

Testing new products in the market

An interview can serve various purposes. You may wish to discover the needs of the target group for example, which can result in product innovation or the avoidance of risks. Interviews can also be used in order to test new products or concepts in the market. We have assisted a number of companies with conducting interviews. Examples include Fenix, Miele and Van der Velden Rioleringsbeheer.

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