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We help your company grow by creating focus. Due to the multiplicity of market opportunities, companies tend to take decisions based on emotion or perceived urgency. We provide a focused, fact-based approach that actually helps you achieve your company goals.

Improving customer satisfaction through focus

We believe that corporate success is closely related to your customers’ satisfaction. That customer satisfaction is often a reflection of your performance, and can be translated into hard figures. Satisfied customers generate higher turnover and are also more likely to bring in new customers. So where should your focus lie in order to increase customer satisfaction? AlphaRainbow measures not only the degree of customer satisfaction, but also determines the drivers required to increase it. Concrete recommendations help you put it into immediate effect.

  • Concrete recommendations

  • Personal approach

  • Statistical analysis to determine the drivers

  • Online tool offering extensive features

Why AlphaRainbow?

Concrete and fact based

We love facts! And that is reflected in our services. At AlphaRainbow, we go much further than analysis alone; we provide concrete advice based on facts.

Experienced and innovative

We combine our many years of experience in marketing with the latest developments and techniques to help you succeed.

Full-service and independent

We take care of the entire process for you, from A to Z. What can you expect from us? An independent vision and proactive approach in close consultation with your company.

Personal and professional

We believe strongly in a professional approach, personal contact and particularly commitment to your organisation.

AlphaRainbow tools

One Page Strategic Plan

We simplify the design of a strategic marketing plan to the completion of a single A3 worksheet. The One Page Strategic Plan is one of the tools we offer. Would you like to see how it is used?

Customer satisfaction tool

A real-time online dashboard gives you insight into the results of the customer satisfaction survey. Clear and concrete. Our tool offers extensive features, such as the option of zooming in on each segment and each specific account manager. Would you like to know more about the options?

Positioning platform

We bring positioning back to the basics. Positioning can be summarised on a single A3 worksheet, comprising four elements: the description, the representation, the character and the story. Could you use some help establishing your company’s positioning?


Establishing goals to actually work towards, that is what works. We use the iOGSM to translate insights into goals and actions. Would you like to know how the iOGSM can be used in your organisation in order to map out the strategy more effectively and translate it into concrete actions?


The amount of data gathered by the average company has increased dramatically in recent years. It’s quite a task to translate this into clear plans. Thanks to a custom-made dashboard, translation of the data immediately becomes a much simpler process.

The impact of poor customer insights

Poor customer insights can lead to insufficient results and missed opportunities. In this infographic you can read about the benefits of sufficient customer insights. 

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