Desk research

Conducting targeted desk research

Desk research is quite simply a form of research conducted from behind a desk. It involves a search for existing information, in both online and offline sources. Desk research can often be very time-consuming, and it takes considerable skill to filter out relevant data in large volumes of information. AlphaRainbow can be of assistance here. We can quickly and effectively find relevant information on your competitors, branch data, area or products, for example.

What can you expect?

In close consultation with you, we determine the research question and the scope of the research. We then draw up a plan of approach. Following your approval, we will set to work immediately. The information is found, interpreted and reported. First and foremost, the results must be relevant and concrete. The research is concluded with our report.

‘Our many years of experience makes us your professional partner in market research.’

Make the most of opportunities

Options for types of desk research include competitor analysis, market scans and external analyses. Once you have insight into what competitors do or the nature of the trends in the external environment, you can take more effective action as a company. This allows you to make the most of opportunities, to avoid threats and to achieve more success as a market-oriented business.

At AlphaRainbow, we have assisted a number of companies with desk research. Examples include DSM, Burgers’ Zoo and Dunlop. Could you use some help conducting desk research? Let us know.

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