Customer satisfaction survey

Increase customer satisfaction effectively

Customer satisfaction is determined by the experiences of your customers in dealing with your company. So where should you start in order to improve this effectively? Many feedback providers offer only one way of gathering feedback. You can be inundated with customer feedback, without knowing where to start. At AlphaRainbow, you receive concrete, fact-based recommendations. We ensure that feedback is not only gathered but that you can actually act accordingly.

Concrete recommendations thanks to statistical analyses

With the aid of statistical analyses, we identify which knobs you need to turn. These are the knobs that have the greatest impact on your customers’ satisfaction, also known as the drivers. They allow you to focus on the activities that have the most impact. The results are provided in a compact report and summarised on a single page, the One Pager.


Our customer satisfaction survey comprises four steps:









‘Focus on the activities that have the most impact.’

Real-time insight into the results

Our online tool is an essential part of the customer satisfaction survey. It allows you to log in and check the results of the survey, real-time. It also contains many other features, for example:

The possibility of detecting non-respondents and sending them a reminder

Extremely detailed information per respondent in order to quickly take action

Unlimited number of reporting levels and the possibility of comparing them

Quick and easy insight into scores at the user level

Modification of authorisations per user

Summary of the results in a PDF

Why the AlphaRainbow customer satisfaction survey?

Concrete recommendations

The results of the customer satisfaction survey are translated into concrete, action-based recommendations.

Integrated approach

We conduct the entire process for you, from A to Z.

Statistical analysis to determine the drivers

After identifying the drivers, you know where to focus in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Extensive online software

An online tool offering real-time insight into the results.

Proven questioning structure

Our questionnaires comply with a proven questioning structure. Relevant feedback in less than three minutes.

Operating worldwide

Experience in more than 20 languages in more than 80 countries.

AlphaRainbow not only conducts the customer satisfaction survey on your behalf, we also offer support for implementation of the results throughout the organisation by providing workshops, for example. We have supported a number of companies in conducting customer satisfaction surveys. Examples include Greif, Sappi, Burgers’ Zoo, Apenheul, De Hoge Veluwe National Park and Fabory.


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