Improved market orientation

Coaching is personal support for both experienced and new managers in order to improve market orientation. Whitmore has a well-known definition of coaching: ‘Unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance.’ AlphaRainbow offers coaching by a trained and experienced coach with a focus on trust.

Why the AlphaRainbow coaching?


A Verne Harnish trained coach with many years of experience

Good setting

The right setting is essential for coaching. We encourage
openness and trust in a relaxed atmosphere


Helping the other person using a people-to-people approach,
that is what we want to achieve


Despite a busy schedule, we are extremely flexible and will
always find a suitable time

‘Trust is an essential element of coaching.’

Increase your

There are many different reasons why a person may like to start a coaching process. It may be that they want to increase their self-awareness and self-confidence. Once people have greater self-awareness, they become more confident of their strengths and weaknesses. Coaching can be used to learn or hone certain skills. It can also be useful in order to introduce structure in a new position, or when you need a sounding board or sparring partner.

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