Who is AlphaRainbow?

Since 2000, we have been helping businesses understand what has priority for their customers. Companies are often overwhelmed by the wide variety of problems and opportunities. As a result, they have to take decisions based on either emotion or a perceived urgency. We help companies by teaching them to focus on the most important aspects. These are the aspects that make the difference.

Our team is a mix of marketeers with international experience and enthusiastic young professionals.

We share a common goal: to help people and companies grow.

Our team

Michiel van Beek


Paul Bromberg

Senior partner

Britt Kant

Project manager

Lotte Koehorst

Project manager

Jeroen Brinker

Project manager

Zoë Lelieveld

Junior project manager

Marco Strijker

IT professional

Elvira Timmerman

Creative director

Reinier Hietink

Senior advisor

Martijn Bredewold

Data scientist

Floris van Eijk

Junior IT professional



We apply a set method at AlphaRainbow known as the AlphaBeta method. This method structures the marketing process in four logical steps: gaining insight, determining goals, taking action and checking progress. We offer services to help you focus on each step of this method. In our opinion, the ideal situation is to work through all four steps during the process.

 Gaining insight

Determining goals

Taking action

Checking progress

Where did AlphaRainbow come from?

In South Africa, I (Michiel) once attended a three-day seminar on ‘Mind Power’. I learned how to switch my brain to the ‘Alpha’ mode through meditation. Once your brain is in the ‘Alpha’ mode, you have a sense of being in a flow in which everything is effortless. Wouldn’t that be fantastic for companies? The meditation concept I learnt was based on the rainbow. Red is the body, orange is emotion, yellow is cognition, green is rest, blue is love and purple is ambition. By simply thinking about the colours and their associations, you can enter an Alpha state of mind. Is that not amazing? I then realised that my company name needed to be a combination of Alpha and Rainbow. And that’s the story.

Oh … and Nelson Mandela’s great vision of ‘The Rainbow Nation’ with its rich diversity of people also played a role.

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